Hamilton, Lewis


Today I got my photographs back from Lewis Hamilton (in his F1) and what happened ?? ................. is seems that he is already too busy because the photos (3 pcs) have not been signed by Lewis Hamilton but by another person.

I didnt expect this from Lewis Hamilton because he is really a nice guy. I must say he also returned the 5 Euro which I enclosed for return postage costs (he did however the same with the GP2 photos which I send out last year and which he send with his "real" autograph (same as you have on your site )

As I know that you inform your customers about this kind of impolite treatment to fans, I thought that this was maybe usefull information for you.

With kind regards,

Peter Kanger

The Netherlands
reference: Peter Kanger
dedicated signed photograph
ultimative reference:  - Lewis Hamilton - dedicated to Marc obtained In-Person in Barcelona,  reference: Marc

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Freitag, 01 August 2014