of the Netherlands, Prince Claus


Prince Claus of the Netherlands mainly used Pre-printed signatures. Even on formal signed presentation framed photos which are often special gifts. In most cases Queen Beatrix signed personally which shows bottom listed samples. Thanks to Michel van Grinsven to share this information.

king claus_netherlands_autopen_3

Queen Beatrix Authentic, Prince Claus Authentic

king claus_netherlands_autopen_4

Queen Beatrix Authentic, Prince Claus Authentic

king claus_netherlands_autopen_5

Queen Beatrix Authentic, Prince Claus Authentic

Michel van Grinsven told us:

I have had a large collection, with about 400 Dutch Royal autographs, 
and I even had an exibition at the former Royal palace Soestdijk.

Dutch Royalty do not use autopen.
The autograph of prince Claus on the Christmas card was printed after 
The autograph of Beatrix was always hand signed on the cards with 
original photo on it.

You give some examples on your website.
See attached a photo from your website, and the one from my collection.
You can clearly see the big differences!
The Christmas card you show, is signed with "Trix" , She only used this 
type of autograph to family and close friends.
For those few people she sure would not use autopen.

If you are interested, I can send you many photo's of Beatrix 
autographs, so you can see that they are different.

With regards,

Michel van Grinsven
Autopen signature of Claus on a offical presentation framed autograph !
Claus Autopen signature on Christmas cards
reference: Andres

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Monday, 11 August 2014

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