Wayne, John


Vor allem auf deutschen UFA Postkarten kommen immer wieder Unterschriften von John Wayne in den Umlauf die als authentisch angeboten werden, oftmals mit Signatur in roter Tinte. 

Besonders auffällig dabei ist die geradliniege Schrift und das der Schluß "ne" der bei persönlich gesammelten Unterschriften immer abstufig geschrieben wird.

Especially on German UFA postcards you could find frequently following John Wayne autographs which have been signed by the "Filmstar-Sekretariat Hans Dangers“ Berlin-Zehlendorf" in most cases in red fountain pen. 

Always watch on the double looped "o" as well as the last letters of his last name on real examples....

Wayne John_3


This John Wayne is absolutely secretarial. Now, here is my tip for you --
just ignore the signature completely and look at "Good Luck," which is the way he
usually signed his photos. Compare the G's very carefully. On the real
John Wayne autographs, the left side is ALWAYS higher than the right side.
It is very distinctive. The secretaries never get it right. Also look at
the L -- the real ones are big and loopy and usually intersect the
signature. And, yes, the "ne" almost always drops below the rest of the
signature. Also, particularly in the later signatures, the "o" in John is a
little crazy -- I think he starts drawing it to the right, then doubles back
and goes to the left. The secretaries just kind of write the o twice in the
same direction. They're fairly easy to spot once you know what to look for.

German postcards sometimes in red or green ink sent out by the Filmstar-Sekretariat, Berlin
secretary sometimes on US 8x10
early secretarial signature, always seen on this 8 x 10 photograph. reference: Richard Davie / AMI autographs
typical secretarial example on German postcard sent out by the Filmstar-Sekretariat, Berlin

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Mittwoch, 08 Oktober 2014

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