Hepburn, Audrey


Audrey Hepburn was a graciously signer by mail and In Person and her authentic autograph is not really uncommon. Authentic Vintage signed material from the late 1940's to 1960's can be found, but is much rarer than autographs from her later years (1970's-1990's).

She has never used a secretary to sign the fan mail sent to her own address in Switzerland, but secretarial signatures exists on German postcards from the German "Filmstar-Sekretariat Hans Dangers, Berlin-West". They where sent out in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Scan 1 to Scan 6 - Secretary 1

thumb Hepburn Audrey 1 thumb Hepburn Audrey 2 thumb Hepburn Audrey 3 thumb Hepburn Audrey 4 thumb Hepburn Audrey 5thumb Hepburn Audrey 6 

They are all signed by the same secretary, this "autographs" are very well done and matches authentic examples in some cases. Audrey is written very closely like authentic autographs, but there are a few small differences especially in Hepburn, beginning with the open "H" and the ending in "urn". This "autographs" are done by a real artist!

Scan 7 to Scan 13 - Secretary 2

thumb Hepburn Audrey 7 thumb Hepburn Audrey 8 thumb Hepburn Audrey 9 thumb Hepburn Audrey 10 thumb Hepburn Audrey 11 thumb Hepburn Audrey 12 thumb Hepburn Audrey 13 

They are all signed by the same secretary, this "autographs" are not as good as the examples from Secretary 1, they can be easily detected by looking at "re" in Audrey and at the "H" and "p" in Hepburn.

Scan 14 - Secretary 3

Hepburn Audrey_14

Quite easy to detect the secretary work

Scan 15 - Secretary 4

Hepburn Audrey_15

Also not one of the best works from the Filmstar-Sekretariat, it can be assumed that this "autograph" was written by the same secretary as the Audie Murphy "autographs"

Hepburn, Audrey

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