Ekberg, Anita


Anita Ekberg autographs are not really uncommon, but the "Filmstar-Sekretariat Hand Dangers Berlin-West" does again a good job with their secretaries back in the 1950's and early 1960s.

Scan 1 to Scan 5 - Secretary 1

The secretary signatures are ALLWAYS signed "Anit - aEk - b - erg" but on authentic examples from the same time period, her autograph NEVER has a stop beetween "kb", authentic autographs are ALLWAYS written "AnitaE - kb - erg" or "AnitaEkb - erg"

Scan 6 - Secretary 2

quite easy to detect secretary signature

scan 1:

Ekberg Anita_scan_1

scan 2:

Ekberg Anita_scan_2

scan 3:

 Ekberg Anita_scan_3

scan 4:

Ekberg Anita_scan_4


scan 5:

Ekberg Anita_scan_5 

scan 6:

Ekberg Anita_scan_6


Ekberg, Anita

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Donnerstag, 14 August 2014

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