Caine, Michael


Michael Caine short autograph study
by Darren Welch

I recently did a signature study on Michael Caine. Collectors were receiving autographs very quickly from both a UK and US  address, so something is wrong.

So I have collected together examples received over the past two years through the mail in the UK and USA. I also got some in person examples.


MC UK = Michael Caine through the mail UK

MC USA = Michael Caine through the mail USA

MC IP = Michael Caine In person


MC UK 1-4 - Secretarial. 5 and 6 genuine.

MC USA 1-7 - Secretarial. 8-10 genuine.


If you look at my 1998 photo the Michael bit has some straight looking lines, a squareness, this is also seen in some of the in person examples. The C has a swirl.

This swirl on the C is seen in many of the US examples but it is flatter, not as round.

The small blue shirt photos from the UK all have similar signatures, horrible! Nothing like those anywhere else.

Someone in both the UK and USA is filtering the fan mail and deciding whether they are genuine requests or someone wanting to sell.

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Mittwoch, 13 August 2014