ISITREAL at Autographica 2007

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written by Markus Brandes

The Autographica 2007 was a big attraction especially for Space Collectors as James Lovell and Fred Haise never did a autograph show before and the demand especially on these two Apollo 13 Astronauts had been huge.

Although we were able to meet them before the offical Signing starts. More than 550 tickets has been sold on the first day and most collectors ask for 2-3 autographs at least. Some dealers came from Russia, Norway, Sweden or America and ask not seldom to get 40 items signed.

- A signature on a photograph was 75 Pounds.

- a signature to complete an Apollo 13 or a 3 modul was 125 Pounds. 
and each additional word was 2 Pound extra for example for a dedication like
"Houston we have a problem".

artikel autographica 1 Florian and James Lovell signing
Florian Noller with James Lovell

Fred Haise asks 45 Pounds for each signature not depending on what kind of item. 
There was always a big clue in fron of his desk and people with Golden Passes only had to wait at least 30 minutes.

Artikel autographica 2 Haise signing model
Fred Haise signing a rocket model
Artikel autographica 3 Cue in front of Haise
Part of the queue in front of Fred Haise
Authentication Course
Artikel autographica 4 Michael Hecht and Markus
Michael Hecht (UACC President) and Markus Brandes

UACC president Michael Hecht hold an interesting basic authentication course and the team supported the course with hundrets of reference examples and original patterns. Michael Hecht did a great job and it was a lot of fun to educate the 20 guests.

I staid for more than 2 hours availabe for further questions and believe to be able to show many collectors the right critical view especially when they purchasing autographs.

Isitreal Award
Artikel autographica 5 Markus und Andy Harcourt klein
Markus Brandes and Andrew Harcourt

It was a great pleasure to meet Andrew Harcout from the EBAY Autograph Collectors Group! 
We had a excellent discussion about main forgers and suggestions for a better cooperation in future. He really is a enthusiastic collector who earns my highest respect. 

What hard work he did to fight against autograph forgers and helped thousands of collectors to be aware of autograph forgeries. 
He mentioned that about 3% of the people he contact who purchase autograph forgeries join the EBAY Group which now has more than 1100 members. Incredible !  

Thank you very much in the name of the whole Autograph Community and ISITREAL Team.

Artikel autographica 6 Markus on spech with Gary