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Autographmagazine 05/2010 Formula One Testing

on Samstag, 08 Mai 2010. Posted in Sport

written by Markus Brandes

From the Hand of Albert Schweitzer

Written by Markus Brandes on Sonntag, 11 Januar 2015. Posted in Brandes publications

written by Markus Brandes

From the Hand of Albert Schweitzer
“I must not allow myself to fail anyone who believes I can help him, even if it is just with an autograph. Perhaps he will found encouragement in the darkest hours”

Special reproduction for the Consortium of Autograph Collectors

From the autograph collection of Markus Brandes

This edition is limited to 600 copies.
ISBN 978-3-9807905-1-2

Guideline to be aware of forgeries

on Freitag, 14 Januar 2011. Posted in Autograph forgeries

„if it seems to good to be true – It’s propably is !“


Help and Hints for autograph authentication

The only 100% way to ensure that a signature is genuine is to have obtained it yourself from the person concerned. However, here some basic guidelines which we hope will assist you in your search for the genuine article.

German TV Report: Faszination Autographs

on Donnerstag, 29 Januar 2015. Posted in In the media

True or Fake ?

German TV Report: Faszination Autographs
The quick TV report of RTL about autographs and it's counterfeits.
Markus Brandes occurs in this context as an autograph expert and explains what to look for when buying...