From the hand of Dr.Albert Schweitzer

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“I must not allow myself to fail anyone who believes I can help him, even if it is just with an autograph. Perhaps he will found encouragement in the darkest hours”

From the autograph collection of Markus Brandes

Special reproduction for the Consortium of Autograph Collectors

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I left my first AdA meeting as the proud owner of this signed photo and began my involvement with the life of Albert Schweitzer. Together with my love of the handwritten, his life’s works and personality immediately captivated me and I soon had the feeling I was sharing in the moments of his life and his philosophy. I was constantly adding new pieces from Albert Schweitzer to my collection but was seldom able to part with them again.

After a misfortune at an auction, wherein I inadvertently purchased the only known reprint, I was contacted by Gabriele Richter from the Friends of Albert Schweitzer Augsburg and alerted to the forgery. With much enjoyment we exchanged information and autographs, drawing on one another’s enthusiasm. Taken aback by my young age, I received a heartfelt welcome into the Friends of Albert Schweitzer and was very much enriched by the interactions with these dear people.

From the then “unknown” writing, a passion developed that would lead me in the following years to Lambarene in Gabon. Along the Ogowe River, I would think of the “reverence for life,” which the “Grand Docteur” altruistically lived, thus bestowing a dignified live to thousands of people and animals.

From my love of the handwritten and the recognition of an admirable character emerged my desire to share this joy with others, as well as to convey the enchantment that the handwritten can ignite …

Markus Brandes


If Albert Schweitzer could see today the effect his signed photos continue to have, he would certainly share in our joy. Not only did Markus Brandes become captivated by Schweitzer’s life and works, he also, though his passion for the handwritten and Schweitzer, produced this unique limited edition. He contributes something absolutely exceptional to the vast multitude and diversity of publications about Schweitzer. Not only has Markus Brandes embedded his genuine treasure of autographs within an extensive bibliographic framework, but he has also been able to obtain some rare and unknown documents and letters, making this book all the more interesting. One example is Schweitzer’s 1963 comments on the Katanga-Congo Conflict.
Overall, a wonderful and lively profile of Schweitzer’s life and spheres of action is presented through these authentic documents and photographs. 

I am quite pleased by the initial Internet contact with the exceptional and fair autograph dealer Markus Brandes. This contact is one that is very enjoyable and enriching for the Friends of Albert Schweitzer.

I had a wonderful time working together with Markus Brandes on this limited edition. His enthusiasm and uncomplicated manner made him a joy to collaborate with.

It would be wonderful if this work were able to incite the stimulation and impetus for further engagement with the “genius of humanity” (as put by Churchill).

Gabriele Richter
Friends of Albert Schweitzer Augsburg