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Marilyn Monroe
An exquisite photograph with impeccable provenance and a great cinematic association - inscribed by Monroe to the "Marilyn" that occasionally appeared on-screen to the viewers of River of No Return.

5038693 -_1Signed vintage glossy photograph of Marilyn Monroe with her stand-in body double, Dorothy Skelton, on the set of River of No Return - the image shows the pair playfully posing together next to a spotlight, wearing identical costumes of jeans and floral-print blouses, with the scenery of their Jasper, Alberta, filming location in the background. Attractively double-suede-matted and framed to an overall size of 15,75 x 17,75 inch, with overall creases smoothed such that they are hardly noticeable from distance - in fine condition. Provenance: Consigned by Dorothy Skelton herself. Monroe injured her ankle during filming in Canada and was ultimately put in a cast, presumably making her body double an even more important asset to the filmmakers.

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