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Written by Adrian Jeżewski on Mittwoch, 07 Januar 2015. Posted in Hunting Channel

written by Adrian Jeżewski

When I have heard that Steven Spielberg comes to my city I was deeply excited. I thought about a chance to get one of the best autograph in my collection. Spielberg has shoot scenes here in Wroclaw  to his new movie called 'St. James Place'. Basically, sets were located in Berlin and Potsdam, but a crew planned to visiting Poland for a few days. Additionally, local media spread rumors about Tom Hanks, Janusz Kaminski or Sebastian Koch are coming as well. Finally, in the middle of November, here they come. 


The crew was accommodated in Hotel 'Monopol' near town square, so there was the place I spent quite a few hours waiting for the director. During the first day collectors waited next to front door to the hotel, but they have met only Janusz Kaminski. He was kind and everybody could get an autograph or take a photo with him. Hotel's staff gave a tips it doesn't make sense stand there and it is just waste of time. It was not helpful after lying in wait until a very late evening. After next 2 hours everything was obvious. The director with wife Kate Capshaw, his dog and friends came back from the dinner on foot. They were surrounded by guards, walked through town square and did not attract attention at all. When collectors gave up and went home, they met Spielberg! They decided to check well-known restaurants and just stumbled across him. He has signed and kindly chatting with collectors, but taking a photos was forbidden. Although, everything was clear. Kaminski was just a bait.  Spielberg came in and out of the hotel by hidden, side doors. Unfortunately, I follow Spielberg in my car and missed everything. I was very disappointed. Thanks God, it was just first day.

At the beginning of second day, I mean about 6:30 a.m., the director came out of the hotel by side doors. Of course fans and collectors were waiting. Why? Media written article about very early start of shooting. His assistants ordered to stay in line and politely wait. Then, Spielberg appeared and again was in good mood, chatted with fans and signed photos. People counted on taking a photo and again they were disgusted. I missed that opportunity as well. I needed to visit my university, but after my faculties I came back. I stayed on the corner to see main and side doors.

It was rainy day. I saw when Tom Hanks came in to the Hotel. The big black car parked about 1,5 m from the doors, guard separated autographs hunters and an actor. It took 2 seconds and collectors noticed Hollywood Star's face. Of course, guard lied that person was not Tom Hanks. Funny. When Sebastian Koch arrived to the hotel, he was nice for fans and I saw Kate Capshaw plenty of time, too. She walked with a dog and nobody recognized her. If collectors do, she constantly denied signing. Finally I saw a car with Spielberg and... he denied! Guards said they saw still the same people and this is a reason he did not want to stop for fans. Ironically, collectors were waiting for Hanks, but different things just happen. I felt like unlucky fellow. I talked with one of guards and he said I have big chances if I stay alone. Others collectors gave me a favour and stepped back. I was waiting alone and then Spielberg with wife and dog went out quickly of the hotel. I asked about autograph. The director asked me:

- Have I seen you before around hotel?
- No! I have been waiting from 11 a.m.
- Okay. (He signed). Thank you.
- Thank you very much!


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Adrian Jeżewski

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