Rose Kennedy's Family Album

Rose Kennedy's Family Album

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Rose Kennedy's Family Album

From the Fitzgerald Kennedy Private Collection, 1878-1946

A selection of more than 300 images collected by Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, many never seen before, featuring the beloved and revered Kennedy family: This remarkable history dates from 1878 through 1946--up to the aftermath of WWII and the beginning of JFK's political career--and covers everything from the family's first home to beach vacations, from children's birthdays to first Communions. The images capture the formative years of a uniquely American dynasty, imparting a glowing nostalgia to the period and detailing the family's progress as it grows from a pair of turn-of-the-century newlyweds into a populous, vibrant clan of hopeful young men and women on the brink of their brilliant destinies. This is a piece of Americana that readers will treasure.

Foreword by Caroline Kennedy, the author/editor of eight best-selling books on constitutional law, American history, politics, and poetry. A graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Law School, Kennedy is the Vice Chair of the New York City Fund for Public Schools. She is the President of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

"A rare, intimate glimpse of...America's 35th President-to-be, surrounded by the siblings who helped shape him." (People).

" intriguing, unique window into the formation of one of the country's most enduring and controversial dynasties." (Kirkus Reviews)



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  • ISBN-13: 9781455544806
  • Paperback: 368 pages