John F. Kennedy autograph study

John F. Kennedy autograph study

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"John F. Kennedy autograph study" by Andreas Wiemer, First edition, Germany 2013, 86 pp, Softcover. The standard work for Kennedy autographs!

"Andreas, This is absolutely one of the best signature studies to be produced in years, perhaps as good or even better than Hamilton's, and I for one thank you most sincerely. I consider it an excellent tool that will be well used by conscientious collectors and dealers for years to come...and you are welcome to quote me on that. I would urge you to issue a printed edition, which I would be more than happy to promote on my website and in my catalog. I'll post a link to it on our Facebook page now. This site seems more devoted to pop culture than more serious historical autograph collecting so I'll endeavor to get the word out." (Bill Panagopulos - Alexander Autographs, United States)

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  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 86 pages

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