by Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule

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What did Abraham Lincoln really think about slavery?

I suggest “by Abraham Lincoln: His 1858 Time Capsule”, answers this question and belongs in every Manuscript Society member’s library. It is a gorgeously reproduced deep dive into a long-forgotten Lincoln ‘scrapbook.’ 

Featured on page 275 of the Fall 2023 edition of Manuscripts, this book is an essential reference. It captures – in his hand-written words – the arc of Lincoln’s political thinking on 1858’s “Paramount issue.” 

The Time Capsule’s genesis?

During his U.S. Senate campaign, an Illinois ally – Capt. James N. Brown – urged an authoritative, unambiguous statement on “Negro equality.” In a news-clip-filled ‘scrapbook,’ Lincoln penned Brown an 8-page letter. Over the years this ephemera – the letter and ‘scrapbook’ – found its way to Pasadena’s Huntington Library.


Now it has been meticulously scanned and re-published; Lincoln’s script and news clips so crisp one can almost blot the ink. In addition to Lincoln's every hand-written word, the volume contains:

  • A historical perspective by distinguished Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer;
  • Contemporary notes from 1858 campaigner Brown; and
  • An extraordinary ‘behind the scenes’ peek into the ‘scrapbook’s rare 1901 ‘Facsimile’.
To purchase this meticulously-told history with a money-back satisfaction guarantee, please visit the book’s website:; clicking on the ‘shop now’ link.

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