Autographes de Stars

Autographes de Stars

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Its first aim is to identify some 5.000 signatures of 4120 international cinema & television artists, and to provide authentication tools both for autograph amateurs or professionals in order to help them separate the true signatures from the false ones, to verify the originality of the piece that they own or wish to acquire and to identify the signer of a document or a guestbook.

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Its second purpose for amateurs and historians of the Seventh Art lies neither in the biographies nor in the photographs that can be found in other books and on the Internet, but in a more intimate, almost private approach of the artist :

Through signatures, which are both ephemeral and durable reflections of personality, often modified by time or circumstances, but generally maintaining the same main features, the autograph collector seizes part of the intimacy of the Artist ; in a way entering in direct contact with his or her favorite star. Usually inaccessible to the common man, this world of the Silver Screen becomes more palpable. The album that I offer is also a view of cinema artists through the small fringe of intimacy delivered by their signature (s).

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  • Paperback: 440 pages

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