Playing Cards Autographed By Magicians: A Collector's Guide

Playing Cards Autographed By Magicians: A Collector's Guide

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This book provides an amusing and irreverent look at the specialized hobby of collecting magician's autographs on playing cards. Profusely illustrated, more than 150 famous contemporary magicians are featured, with 192 examples of their signatures on playing cards and more. The book also discusses prices, fakes, who's who in magic, website links, types of playing cards, eBay sales, and personal anecdotes. There are special sections on David Copperfield, Criss Angel, David Blaine, Penn and Teller, Siegfried and Roy, Ricky Jay, Tom Mullica, Richard Turner, Milt Larsen, Max Maven, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Amazing Johnathan and Bob Elliott. Find out how to identify a Houdini secretarial fake autograph. Learn about the origins of one of the biggest eBay sales ever of signed magician playing cards. Discover the growing world of collectible playing card decks. The book includes a detailed index covering 414 subjects, along with more than 100 website links to learn more about the individual magicians. There is also a section on where to find magicians, so you can see them in-person, or write to them for autographs.


about the author

Michael E. Johnson is an enthusiastic collector (also known as a “nutcase”) based in San Marcos, California. An unapologetic packrat, he picked up the collecting bug in the 1960s, and it has festered ever since. He specializes in autographs and magicians. For the past two decades, Johnson has been a professional Magician, performing everywhere from the stages of high society balls, to the cement floors of low-life basements. It doesn’t matter where, because he has fun either way. He is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood and the Society of American Magicians. He was named San Diego’s Entertainer of the Year four times by his peers in the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He has been featured in the world’s top magic magazines, including “Magic,” “Genii,” “M-U-M” and “The Linking Ring.” Before he went off the deep end, Johnson enjoyed a career as an award-winning journalist. He wrote the 1999 sell-out, the “Space Autograph Price Guide.” He published the underground newsletters “Autograph Research” and “Space Autograph News” for many years. He has been quoted in sources as diverse as the “American Journalism Review” and “Playboy” magazine. His articles have been published in “Autograph Collector,” “The Pen and Quill” published by the Universal Autograph Collectors Club, “The Autograph Collector’s Magazine,” “Autograph Times” and “The Autograph Review.” Lately, Johnson has channeled his energy into a series of collector guides on eBay. He’s already drawn more than half a million hits. His eBay store is magicianmichael760.




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