Barcelona 2010: The master is back

on Dienstag, 25 Januar 2011. Posted in Hunting Channel

Collecting Formula One autographs at the Barcelona testings 2010

Jenson Button:

Jenson was difficult to collect. His Motohome war located inside the paddock and everytime he had a break of testing he disappeared inside. The only chance to collect his autograph was to wait in front of his truck. Then it was possible to get 1 autograph.

Lewis Hamilton
Collecting Lewis’ autograph was similiar to Jenson’s. He was always in a rush. With a lot of luck it was possible get 1 autograph per meeting.

Michael Schumacher:

The master is back. All the interest was focussed on him. Between all his appointments he tried to write some autographs, most of the time without dedications. 1 autograph per day was tough to get but possible.

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Nico Rosberg:

The rush around Schumi made Nico’s day calm. But he wasn’t writing as nice as in the past, only his short version. The number of autographs was less than last year, too.

Sebastian Vettel:

Unbelieveavble. Sebastien was very nice to his fans and tried to fullfil nearly every wish. This is not the normal behaviour of a star like him. It was possible to get many photos signed.

Mark Webber:

No comment.

Felipe Massa:

He wrote his full signature one time, during his arrival at the track. The next days he only wrote his short version. The Ferrari bodyguards tried to protect him.

Fernando Alonso:

It’s a great joy to collect him in Spain. Hundrets of fans admired him and he seemed to enjoy that. He wrote surprisingly much and nearly every letter of his name. This won’t happen again this year. Alonso and Ferrai: great motive.

Rubens Barrichello:

As always, he wrote just „RB“. 1 autograph per meeting possible. He was angry with the collectors during he last day, as always.

Nico Hülkenberg:

He is a classical example of the development of a new driver. He wasn’t as kind to collecors
as in the time during F3 and GP2. He behaved a little arrogant and writes less and uglier than last year.

Robert Kubica:

He was very kind to the collectors, sometimes in a rush. He asked the collector for the number of the requested autographs. When there were more photographs than promised, he stopped writing.

Vitaly Petrov:

The first Russian F1 driver. He is very kind and wrote much. A nice, long signature. Let’s see how long…

Adrian Sutil:

Very kind, as always. Without any problems.

Tonio Liuzzi:

Same as Adrian. He wrote much and nicely.

Sébastien Buemi:

He was very kind, too. But the Toro Rosso guy who escorted him was annoyed about the high number of autographs the collectors asked for. Buemi didn’t mind…

Jaime Alguersuari:

Jaime wrote many autographs. Amazing how fast he is able to write his sign.

Jarno Trulli:

In contrast to the past years the wrote acceptable and sometimes nicely. Every time he had a
conversation he didn’t stop writing.

Heikki Kovalainen:

Similiar to his McLaren time, he wrote 1-2 autographs per day. He remembers every collectors face and the number of autographs he wrote for him.

Timo Glock:

Timo wrote nice autographs, better than last year. Virgin seems to relax him, although the car is not fast enough.

Lucas die Grassi:

He does not have much fun while writing autographs. Regretfully his sign is not very nice and also very fast. Like a typical Braslian…

Kamui Kobayashi:

He’s a kind driver. He tried to fullfil nearly every wish, but this will change during the season.

Pedro de la Rosa:

He is one of the „old“ drivers,who is very kind. He wrote many autographs. Great he’s back!

test drivers:

All the test drivers were easy to collect. No special remarks.