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Manuscript of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel digitized for public access

on Mittwoch, 11 September 2013. Posted in General Autograph News


The original manuscript of American author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel, “This Side of Paradise,” has been digitized and made publicly accessible online, the Princeton University Library announced today.

Saving Bosnia's past from the ashes

on Samstag, 17 Januar 2015. Posted in General Autograph News

By Guy De Launey, BBC News, Sarajevo

Saving Bosnia's past from the ashes
The interior of Sarajevo's Presidency building would make any historian wince. Not the decor itself - but the charred papers, piled against the walls.

This display of damaged documents stretches away down the ground floor corridors of the building, leaving dark smears on the white paint, leading to a heap of burned books, boxes and manuscripts in a stairwell.