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This is why you will never get an autograph from your favourite royals

on Montag, 14 August 2017. Posted in General Autograph News


Royal rules to know. 

Sometimes they’re confusing, sometimes they make total sense, and other times we get a little confused.
Welcome to the world of royals. 

Whether it’s a nickname from Prince George or a cake stipulation from the Queen, there’s always something new to be learnt, especially about the British monarchs. 
Now, we’ve found out the reason behind the strict ‘no autographs’ rule in place with British royals and their fans — and you probably won’t believe it.
As it turns out, the reason fans aren’t able to get anything signed by the likes of Kate or Will isn’t because they don’t want to carry a pen, it’s actually because the Palace are worried about forgery. Yep, forgery. 
According to The Express, “the long-standing rule remains in place for all royals because of the risk of the signature being forged,” even though it seems highly unlikely anyone but Kate Middleton could get away as signing off a parcel for Kate Middleton, seeing as she’s, you know, one of the most famous people on earth. 
So what do they say when asked? If, per Prince Charles, he reportedly tells the fan “Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that,” before offering a photo instead. 
Trying to get away with signing official documents as the Queen? Good luck with that. 

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