Muhammad Ali US passport to make $35,000?

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Muhammad Ali was given the US passport as a replacement in 1972 (written by Paul Fraser Collectibles)

A US passport Muhammad Ali used between 1972 and 1974 could make $25,000-35,000 at Bonhams on June 8.

Ali was issued with the replacement passport at the American consulate in Dublin on July 19, 1972.
muhammad ali passport

Ali used the passport to fly to Caracas and watch George Foreman fight in 1974

It covers a period of 20 months, when he fought in 20 bouts in the run-up to his legendary Rumble in the Jungle face-off against George Foreman.

Ali travelled to Ireland to fight his old sparring partner Alvin Lewis at Croke Park in 1972. While there he spoke publicly on the Troubles in Northern Ireland.   

He was well received in Ireland, his status as one of the world's most famous sports personalities buoyed by the announcement that his great-grandfather was born in Ennis in County Clare.

The auction house comments: "In addition to stamps from Philadelphia, London, Beirut and Cairo, also included are the Venezuelan stamps that evidence Ali's attendance at the bout between George Foreman and Ken Norton on March 26, 1974 in Caracas.

"Foreman annihilated Norton and established Ali as the definite underdog in the upcoming fight in Zaire.

"The interview with Ali after this Caracas fight is a classic, with his bravado and tactical brilliance in perfect form."

The shorts Ali wore during his Rumble in the Jungle fight are to sell at Grey Flannel Auctions later this month

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