You sell autographs ? We're always looking for quality autographs !

on Freitag, 14 Januar 2011. Posted in Buying and Selling

We buy: The easy way to sell your autographs

We do actively seek to buy autographs and are always going to be interested in purchasing genuine quality items preferably with important content and provenance. Single items / autograph books / documents / large collections from all areas and fields.

Generally speaking please contact us as a collector or member of the public only with items of known family history / provenance OR from known registered dealers.

Please understand that we can only accept items with a value of minimum 100$.

We invite you to initially email us with the autograph details and possibly requested price please. We will confirm any interest prior to asking you to send us a scan of the item.

Collecting fields we could not accept
We are mainly looking for unusual, rare and important autographs and kindly ask to understand that we could not be interested in

  • Soccer
  • German movie
  • contemporary autographs without provenance

Contact us at
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