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3 Reasons to Brandes Autographs Represent You at an Auction

on Mittwoch, 27 April 2011. Posted in About us

Whether you’re trying to bid on a historical autograph from a president or a priceless work of art, auctions are a high-paced events that require focus and knowledge. Because one mistake may make the difference between you and the item you want, it is sometimes recommended that you send a representative in your place.

Here are a few reasons for engaging a professional to bid for you:

1. Knowing the market: Those who specialize in auctions know the worth of each lot and which may not be worth the estimate plus the auction's commission. A professional can help you determine what to bid based on the prices for comparables to make sure you are going to bid the right amount.

   2. Appraising the item: Employing a professional can benefit you as they can inspect the items at the auction house, to verify authenticity and the condition. Professional dealers will have the tools, knowledge, and resources to appraise the items you wish to buy.

   3. Understanding the auction rules: Auction agents who bid in your place are well versed in the ways of auctioneers. They’ll know how to adapt to any momentum and place smart bids for you. Professionals may also have already formed relationships between auction houses and auctioneers, giving you an edge over the casual bidder.

Here at Markus Brandes Autographs, we’ll bid on your behalf at both domestic and international auctions. We help you buy items at an auction based on more than 15 years of experience buying at auction and personal contacts at auction houses.

In addition to auction representation, Markus Brandes Autographs specializes in the appraisal and authentication of autographs. Visit our website today to explore our collection or find out how to schedule an appointment.

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