Formula One tests in Barcelona 2012

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Autograph Collecting Report

The first opportunity to obtain autographs In-Person of the new Formula One season 2012
Sebastian Vettel:
Sebastian is as kind to the fans as before his two world titles. He is trying to fulfill nearly every autograph wish. Sometimes he is a bit stressed but most of the time he is friendly and polite. Great!

Mark Webber: 
No comment. 

Jenson Button:
Jenson is singing willingly one autograph per meeting. Not more. Before someone offers him a second photograph for signing he is gone fastly. 

Lewis Hamilton:
Lewis was very positive these days. In contrast to last year he was friendly and not arrogant anymore. Sometimes he was signing two autographs per meeting, but only once a day.


Fernando Alonso:
When it was getting dark he was good to collect. Through the day there was no chance no collect him, because the Ferrari bodyguards blocked him. When you were lucky you got one autograph in the evening..

Felipe Massa:
Felipe was in a good mood, although he has a lot of pressure this year. He signed two photographs per meeting with his full signature.

Michael Schumacher:
Good old Michael was very relaxed and wrote one autograph per meeting. But be careful: do not ask him too much. Then is angry and quits signing.

Nico Rosberg:
Nico was difficult to obtain. He signed one autograph hectically per meeting. This was not satisfying. 

Kimi Räikkönen:
Kimi seems to be more relaxed than in the past years with Ferrari. Sometimes he stopped walking for signing the autographs! But after one day the behaved like in the past and signed only when he was walking. He wrote proportionally much, but this will change during the next races.
Romain Grosjean:
He wrote much. But regretfully only his initials. He is one of the insider tips for the podium. 

Paul di Resta:
Paul changed his signature . Now it looks like a „P d R“. It seemed as he tried to practise his new autograph. A few autographs were possible during a meeting.

Nico Hülkenberg:

His autograph is nowadays longer than in 2010 but shorter as in 2011. It’s OK. He signed many autographs but he asked what the collector will do with them. 

Kamui Kobayashi:
Kamui was the toughest signer! No autographs! Inconceivable! 

Sergio Perez:
Sergio signed a lot. Esspecially the Ferrari motives which he liked a lot. More than a few autographs were possible. 

Daniel Ricciardo:
Cool guy. Always signing, always in a good mood, always happy, always easy. He does no sign his forename anymore but still OK.

Jean-Eric Vergne:
He shortened his autograph. Now only a few stripes. But for me he signed the full version. Scarce!

Pastor Maldonado:
Pastor was OK, but he asked the „ebay-question“ after the fourth autograph. His autograph is faster than in 2011. 

Bruno Senna:
Bruno was in good condition. He signed a lot and was impressed about the motives: similar design to Ayrtons Williams in 1994… Bruno is a good guy and always friendly.

Heikki Kovalainen:
One autographs per meeting, as always. Sometimes he signed nicer than in the past years.


Vitaly Petrov:
Vitaly signed OK. A few autographs were possible. In contrast to the past he was talking to the fans. The version of his signature is longer than in 2010.

HRT was not participating at the test, but the drivers were around from Saturday evening on. Pedro and Narain were very kind. Also Dani Clos. Great! 

Marussia: Marussia missed the test. 

Everything OK, but Jerome d’Ambrosio refused signing. No one knows why…



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